Nuit noire

Infantile espieglery

Catalogue: WAR014

Country: France

Format: LP

Copies: 300

Side A

01 - Creatures Of The Night
02 - Are You Ready For The Night?
03 - Turn On Your Light
04 - Alone?
05 - Scrapheap!
06 - Join Me In The Night
07 - Enfant Spectre

Side B

01 - Les Êtres De Lumière
02 - Dans Le Noir
03 - Rêve De Nuit
04 - Fairies Fuck Humans
05 - Never Be Like You
06 - Osmose
07 - Immature Attitude

After the CD release in 2006, finally the vinyl version.
Fäerical blasting punk. Less a genre, more an abstract impression of Nuit Noire: Blasting punk – an inimitable mixture of intense drumming and beautifully singular guitars. Natural, unrestrained, atypical vocals sing out in admiration of those Night creatures that light the darkness, aided only by moonlight shadows cast in the forest, hidden from all humanity. A childish attitude, sense of alienation from the rest of the adult world.