Infernal Blast

Wolves Elitism Speech

Catalogue: WAR040


Country: France

Format: MC

Copies: Undisclosed

Side A

Destruction Process

No Redemption No Remorse

Abhorrent Vermin

Side B

Wolf Hunting

Organized Attack

Cauterization And Berserker Rage

WAR ARTS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present INFERNAL BLAST's striking debut EP, Wolves Elitism Speech, on cassette tape. Hailing from France, INFERNAL BLAST is a one-man project hailing violence, war, and hatred for humans. Aptly titled, Wolves Elitism Speech is an unremittingly savage blast of infernal frequencies. Like a nuclear warhead trained on its target, with the one and only goal being total fucking decimation, INFERNAL BLAST unleash a jackhammering torrent of warfare noise steeped deeply in the war metal tradition and especially Sarcofago's OTT epitaph, Crust. The latter is especially accomplished through the usage of utterly blitzed drum-programming: dehumanization, with no human feelings or emotions, and no hope and particularly no mercy. Nothing here is remotely geared toward normcore metal assimilation; these six songs spend 18 minutes breaking down and then shattering even the hardiest constitution. Simply, no one gets out alive from Wolves Elitism Speech. And this is just the beginning for INFERNAL BLAST...