Souls for the legions

Catalogue: WAR024


Country: Portugal

Format: MC

Copies: 60

Side A

Unleash Hell

To Annihilate To Extinction


Side B

Blood Genocide

Slaves Of A Higher Authority

Rotten Humanity

War Arts Productions is proud to present the debut demo of Flaktiin, Souls For The Legions.
Hailing from the black metal hotbed of Portugal, FlaktiiN are a unique entity among their unapologetically raw and more mystically oriented countrymen, instead offering a hideously muscular sound that's warring and rife with conflict. In many ways, it's a sound that's more blackened death metal rather than black metal proper, but similarly offers a wealth of atmosphere despite its cosmic crush and oft-overwhelming grind. And yet, for a mere first recording, Souls For The Legions shows that FlaktiiN are already at an advanced juncture, establishing a firm and foul foundation on which to build. References can be made to the likes of Bölzer, ZOM, and Witchrist among others, but more in the psychic sense rather than one of strict sonic compatibility; for their part, FlaktiiN focus on themes of war and strife, but are resolutely apolitical. Nevertheless, the six tracks comprising Souls For The Legions will take the listener straight onto the battlefield, but one more in the furthest reaches of space rather than our earthly realm. Bow before FlaktiiN and offer Souls For The Legions!