Ruach raah / Womb

Perpetual Commitment to Death

Catalogue: WAR028MC


Country: Portugal

Format: MC

Side A

Those with no tongue

Trumpets of holocaust

Side B

Death to the modern world

God is the vilest of human creations

Akinetic nutism (Malthusian catastrophe)

Creating an elite (Hierarchy in descent)

Drunk on hatred for mankind

War Arts Productions is proud to present a special split tape between two of Portugal's nastiest black metal entities, RUACH RAAH and WØMB. Entitled Perpetual Commitment to Death, this pro-produced tape joins together two foul 'n' filthy bands perfectly suited to each other - and both of them antisocial duos. RUACH RAAH have been polluting the underground the last number of years, culminating in their widely hailed Hate Fanatacism debut LP in 2015. Here, they take that hammering primitivism of their earlier work and somehow make it simultaneously clearer and more caustic, delivering two acidic anthems. WØMB, by comparison, are an otherwise unknown horde but one equally rooted in horrific hardcore punk. On their side of the split, they bash out five fetid slices of malignant minimalism, quick and cantankerous but fully flowing in their hatred. Together, both RUACH RAAH and WoMB prove their Perpetual Commitment to Death!