Ruach Raah / Ordem Satânica

Tradição Decadente

Catalogue: WAR020MC


Country: Portugal

Format: MC

Copies: 100

Side A

Decadent Tradition

Coffins Opens Wide

Rudimentary Idealism

Side B


O Tempo do Fim

Reino das Noites Eternas

War Arts Productions is proud to present a special split tape between two of Portugal's nastiest black metal hordes, Ruach Raah and Ordem Satânica, on March 18. Entitled Tradição Decadente (English: "Decadent tradition"), this six-song tape is indeed a decadent statement of traditional, regressive black metal values. Featuring three songs from both hordes, Tradição Decadente sees Ruach Raah continuing down the path of mid-paced primitivism hailing Satan and death, all with an undeniable catchiness, while Ordem Satânica continue their tradition of grim and bleary black metal, emitting a foul spirit forbidden to easy listeners. With six songs total, Tradição Decadente is a fist of RAW and pure underground black metal terror, and further proof that Portugal's underground BM scene is one of the best in modern times.