Morte incandescente

...o mundo morreu!

Catalogue: WAR018


Country: Portugal

Format: LP & Cassete

Copies: 500

Side A

Diz nao a vida

Num cemiterio

O final de uma era

Nunca mais ira amanhecer

Disturbio absoluto

Ser incredulo

Side B

Nas esquinas da alma

O sol nao nasce mais

Tiro no escuro

Diz adeus

O fogo de dentro

Um rasto de odio

Long-running Portuguese cult Morte Incandescente returns to the old days of black metal, when density and purity were a constant surface of the "scene." The band's latest ...o mundo morreu! (English: "...The World Died!") is an album that transports the listener to the past, a past which is still present to the puritan listener: an album that is not meant to break any boundaries nor limits nor anything, but to invoke within the the listener the timeless thought that black metal still remains pure in its clearest form to a select few people - to people that do not simply reside in the past, but who believe in an ancient essence and stick to it. It is unholy and anguished, hateful and melancholic in equal measures, brimming with a fiery essence and yet uncaring for conventional human definitions of "passion" - in a word, obscure. Their fourth album in an unlucky 13 years of existence, Morte Incandescente's ...o mundo morreu! does not strive to give hope to a dying music scene; may it die,  and they will persist in their own world forevermore.