Barbaric horde

Gasmask perpetrators

Catalogue: WAR019MC


Country: Portugal

Format: MC

Copies: 100

Side A

Ritual of Sodomy

Aborticide Plague

Barbaric Horde

Side B

Superior Baphomet Devotion

Salvation Deprived

War Arts Productions is proud to present the debut demo of Barbaric Horde, Gasmask Perpetrators.
As strongly suggested by the demo's title, Barbaric Horde is NOT a band for the weak, nor it is a band for people who expect technical wankery.
Just expect five tracks of raw Portuguese black metal with ghastly, demonic vocals, savage and primitive riffs, and slower to mid-paced drumming, perfect for fans of Archgoat, Profanatica, and Demoncy.
Everything's in the band's name: Barbaric Horde is for old barbariians who like unapologetically blasphemous, unremittingly dark and relentless black metal.