Ruach raah

Hate fanaticism

Catalogue: WAR017


Country: Portugal

Format: LP/MC

Copies: 250

Side A


Absolute Occült

Guided by death, Driven by hate


In Hell baptized

Side B

Kiss the Ring of the Baron

Death Fanaticism

Womb Overture

Emperor of the Black Abyss

Black Plague of Satan

10 hymns of mid-paced Black Metal hailing
Satan and Death. Imagine Ildjarn’s primitiveness
meeting 93/95 Darkthrone aestethic and all
done within the rawness of early Celtic Frost.
It's proto-minimalist, extremely organic, inherently
old-school and neckbreaking-catchy.
Available on vinyl format limited to 250 copies.
150 black and 100 magenta.
Pro tape limited to 66.